Osteo May Help

Osteopathy may help when you are in musculoskeletal pain or discomfort.  The time your osteopath will help you the most is when you are physically uncomfortable, due to tension creeping into your neck and shoulders, ongoing headaches, acute sport injuries or sudden episodes of strong back pain.

The osteopaths at the clinic share a philosophy that your body is capable of healing itself. If the pain, injury or discomfort you experience is not resolving we try to investigate why. Our aim is to help identify the reason (often numerous reasons) your body is not improving on its own. Our philosophy is to help you remove those reasons and factors. This may be though physical therapy, changing biomechanics of how your body physically moves, exercise and stretch prescription, ergonomic and workplace alteration, and pain management referral.

In the cases of ongoing and chronic pain our aim is to give you the information and tools to manage the condition without becoming reliant on frequent ongoing appointments.